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Rendall’s Bakery has been a family run bakery since 1979. Started by John and Annie Rendall, the business is now run by their son George and his wife Ruth along with their children, Katie and Greg and 17 other staff. Rendall’s Bakery are proud to provide fresh daily produce for the people of Orkney.

The Goal

Rendall’s wanted to introduce a selection of their party-focussed products to an online ordering system to give their customers the option to help prepare for their celebrations easier 🥳

After some discussion, it was decided that it was a good opportunity to add all their produce to the website. Meaning customers can browse just about everything Rendall’s has to offer — online! Delicious! 🧁😋

The Website

With the initial plan to just have a few items available online, it was shaping up to be a fairly straightforward e-commerce website. However, with the addition of a much larger range of produce a few complications arose. Mainly that not every product is made everyday. 😲

The solution for this was to create a “day selection” feature for each product to allow Rendall’s to pick and choose the days a particular product is available for ordering. This then automatically updates the calendar the customer uses to select when they would like to order the product for. 😁

To help organise daily orders better, a custom feature was created to email Rendall’s daily with a consolidated order list so they can see everything they need to make in one place! 😮

The Result

Upon launch, the website was flooded with both customers and orders which is always great to see. Especially given the current situation, it was so good to see everyone supporting this local business. 👍

I encourage everyone to go take a look at the Rendall’s Bakery website and browse their delicious produce. And, whilst you’re there, why not make an order too! I can’t tell you how difficult it was designing this website whilst always having to look at their delicious cakes! 😛🍰

This is the image I had to contend with on a daily basis… 🤩

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