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The Orcadian

We wanted to have more control of the functionality of our popular news website, The Orcadian. We decided it was also time to revamp how it looked, so we took on the task of modernising our website and giving it all the custom functionality we could dream of.

The first task was creating the initial design, which would both look appealing and still accommodate all of our established services. After going through many iterations of the design, we finally landed on one that ticked all the boxes, and we could then begin construction of the new website. The hard hats went on, the scaffolding went up, and we started building the frame that everything would be glued to.

After many weeks of development the website was ready to launch, and, although it is complete, it is constantly being updated and improved. Our weather page hosts some of our more interesting and fun ideas, so make sure to have a look.

  • Role: Designer/Developer