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Ness of Brodgar Trust

Anne Mitchell, from the Ness of Brodgar Trust, had a meeting with us to discuss creating a new website. The new website was to incorporate a blog, the Dig Diary, which would cover the goings on at the Ness of Brodgar dig site. In addition to this, there needed to be an integrated shop to allow them to sell their guidebook. Another area of focus was donations. It was important that donations featured prominently on the website, as well as offering different donation options for those donating inside and out of the United States.


We kept the overall layout very simple in the design. By doing this it would to keep emphasis on the main content as well as to highlight points of interest. A lot of inspiration was taken from the new 2017 guidebook. The colours were used throughout the website, as well as a few layout ideas.


Once the design had been finalised and approved we moved onto developing the actual website. The development stage initially focussed on creating the basic templates and structure of the website. By getting a basic structure established early on we could show Anne on how it would look and function, as well as request feedback for changes.

We had a couple of meetings with Anne Mitchell and Nick Card to further discuss the website. During these meetings, additional features were brought up, which were later implemented into the website. Although being later on in the process, we were still able to take these ideas on board and add them to the new website.

Conclusion – The Ness of Brodgar Trust

We developed a user friendly, modern website that works across multiple devices. The website offers all the features discussed during the initial meeting, as well as a few others that were later added during development. We hope that visitors enjoy the new website we have created.

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  • Role: Web Design/Development